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Q2. How many times a week does each child play?

Children ages 5 and 6 generally only have one day of activity with us which will be focused on skill training on Sundays.

Ages 7 and up will have one practice per week in addition to their game on Sundays. This will be organized by the coach.

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The player must be turning 5 years of age in the year of applying.

All divisions will be playing on Sundays insha-Allah.

The maximum age to play for girls is 10 and for boys is 14.

As Muslims, we encourage players to get to know other players of their age group. Further we encourage them to view their team as an ummah with which Muslims come together as one family, however you may still request to be on the same team as one other person. There is a section on the application where you can make this request.

Absolutely, we encourage parents to log into our website and proceed to the “Online Registration” page.

Yes, you can mail it to: 151 Oxford St W, London, ON N6H 1S1

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Ages 5 to 10 are co-ed and ages 11 and up are separate.

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